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Happy National Lawn Care Month!

To ensure your lawn thrives in the summer months, preparation in early spring is crucial. Here are several suggestions to get your lawn ready for the growing season. Springtime Lawn Prep Clear Debris Not only does debris look unsightly, it can also prevent your lawn from receiving the nutrients it needs to grow properly. Clear […]

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Charlie Jones: 2023 BOMA Building Engineer of the Year Award

When a Class-A office center like 150 West Jefferson in Detroit has shown over five years of cost savings, experienced minimal impact to tenants during millions of dollars in modernizations and earned an Energy Star designation, someone’s doing something right. That someone is the 16-year veteran of the property, Lead Engineer, Charlie Jones. The extent […]

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Career Day and the Metro Detroit Youth Club.

A worthwhile partnership. The partnership between the Metro Detroit Youth Club and Continuum Services began in 2019. Both Brett Tillander, CEO of MDYC, and Ted Spicer had big plans. Then, Covid put plans on hold. Lately, the relationship has been reenergized. One big jumpstart took place recently with the inaugural Career Day on October 18. […]

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Facilities Services: Career Advancement

Facilities Services is a Continuum business unit that provides engineering, operations, maintenance and day porter services for our commercial and industrial properties. Over 100 knowledgeable and highly skilled technical team members keep our clients’ commercial facilities running smoothly. A new Engineering and Facilities Manager has been added that should have a positive impact on the […]

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