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Happy National Lawn Care Month!

To ensure your lawn thrives in the summer months, preparation in early spring is crucial. Here are several suggestions to get your lawn ready for the growing season.

Springtime Lawn Prep

Clear Debris

Not only does debris look unsightly, it can also prevent your lawn from receiving the nutrients it needs to grow properly. Clear sticks, leaves and any other debris that may have accumulated over the winter months.


Promote healthy root growth and help improve the overall health of your lawn by aerating in the spring. This process involves poking small holes in the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the roots of your grass.


Spread grass seed over your existing lawn to encourage new growth in the spring. Make sure to choose the right type of grass seed for your climate and soil type to ensure seed growth.


A good fertilizer will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. Research the right type of fertilizer for your lawn and apply it at the right time.

Things are growing well in Exterior Services!

With the early arrival of warm temperatures, things are really growing, especially in Exterior Services. Heading into their busiest season, the team is already looking at 20% growth in revenue over last year! Exterior Services has doubled their portfolio with Huntington Bank, gaining 180 new locations in the eastern half of Michigan. To keep up with the demand, the team is now almost 200 strong, nearly doubling its employees in a year. For the upcoming season, they’re also hiring 25 H2Bs (workers from Mexico and El Salvador who will receive work visas and housing.)

The one-year anniversary of merging with Weber Environmental Services brings with it some very positive news, according to Marc Goodhart, Senior VP of Operations. “Since purchasing the company, we’ve doubled their revenue and added new systems and processes,” said Marc. “What’s been great through this transition, our management and leadership has thrived.”

The number one metric for a landscaping business’ growth and health is renewals. According to Marc, “With Weber and Michigan we have 550 accounts and more than 95% renewals!”

The fact that the team has retained that business is a testament to the quality of work they do. “Our workmanship, communication and relationships have stayed strong,” said Marc. “We’re maintaining client satisfaction and are poised for new business.”

If winter has taken a toll on your landscaping, talk to our Exterior Services team at 248.286.5200 or email us at info@continuumservices.com.