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Career Day and the Metro Detroit Youth Club.

A worthwhile partnership. The partnership between the Metro Detroit Youth Club and Continuum Services began in 2019. Both Brett Tillander, CEO of MDYC, and Ted Spicer had big plans. Then, Covid put plans on hold. Lately, the relationship has been reenergized. One big jumpstart took place recently with the inaugural Career Day on October 18. […]

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June is National Safety Month

This month, we have good reason to celebrate safety. Continuum Services has prioritized safety, hiring a team from Huntington Insurance to help create safety programs for all our divisions, as well as REDICO and American House properties. For Continuum, the results have been impressive, with a 36% decrease in our incident rate in 2022. Ryan […]

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5 Tips for Selecting an HVAC Contractor

When installing or replacing an HVAC system at your building, who you hire is crucial. Many things should be taken into consideration including energy consumption, performance and environmental concerns.

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What is Facility Management?

Physical facilities require ongoing maintenance and care. Without facility management and maintenance, buildings would quickly decay. Facility mangers work hard to keep buildings working safely and efficiently.

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