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Harriet McPhail: 2021 Rock Star Custodian Finalist

You can tell the true measure of a person by how they handle themselves in an emergency. During an evacuation at Kennedy Square that blocked the street, Harriet McPhail, the building’s Senior Day Porter, calmly and efficiently guided tenants to their specified areas. Grace under pressure is just one of the many defining traits that earned this 20-year Continuum veteran a nomination for Rock Star Custodian 2021 finalist by the Academy of Cleaning Excellence.

“Harriet is a trainer, leader, Rock Star, and has the experience to handle any situation professionally,” said Supervisor of Day Porters and General Maintenance Operations,  Bill Raese.

Harriet was not only part of the team who created our company’s core values, she exemplifies them every day. Her resourcefulness in creating and maintaining relationships with surrounding buildings and city workers benefits the building in many ways.

She takes ownership of her building, coming in early to assess and clean up after bad weather, proactively taking on tasks, and troubleshooting to help minimize building costs. Her leadership comes naturally, she trains with enthusiasm and keeps lines of communication open.

As founding member of our Safety Committee, Harriet sets an example to others in following policies and procedures.

We’re proud to recognize Harriet McPhail as a Rock Star Custodian 2021 finalist.

The next step, Vote for Harriet here in the finals beginning November 1 and help her earn a well-deserved win!

The Rock Star series breaks down the word, CUSTODIAN, outlining the nine (9) personality traits the Academy is looking for in the nominees. Tens of thousands of custodians across the nation have experienced the Rock Star program this year. You can VOTE and learn more about the program at www.RockStarCustodian.com.

Voting for Harriet McPhail is open through December 15, 2021, with the award for Rock Star Custodian of 2021, coming in January 2022.

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