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The Importance of the Day Porter 

What is a Day Porter?

COVID-19 has elevated the awareness on the importance of proper cleaning and disinfecting. Day Porters work not only to support the image of your facilitybut to respond to the immediate needs throughout the day. They also work to complete a consistent routine of detailed disinfecting of common areas, break areas, restrooms and more. These team members strive to keep your business clean, safe and operating smoothly. 

Day porter services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the lobby 
  • Keeping restrooms clean/disinfected, stocked and properly maintained 
  • Cleaning/disinfecting and preparing common areas, such as kitchens, cafeterias, patios, break and conference rooms 
  • Responding to spills and other cleaning emergencies 
  • Keeping glass doors, windows and fixtures free of smudges and fingerprints 
  • Keeping elevator doors, buttons and floors clean/disinfected 
  • Removing trash and debris inside and outside of the building, and throughout the grounds 
  • Battery replacements on touch-less fixtures and dispensers 
  • Light bulb replacements 
  • Enhancing the overall tenant and building occupant experience 

 Why Choose Continuum Services Day Porters? 

The answer is simple – Continuum’s commitment to offer stellar customer service. 

We see our Porters as customer service representatives first, then as cleaning professionals. Our Day Porters receive some of the highest tenant satisfaction ratings in the industry, exceeding 90% customer satisfaction. 

While most tenants do not often see Property Management each day, they are sure to see a Day Porter. Our porters take the time to learn the ins and outs of every building. More importantly; they get to know the tenants. Our team knows the value of quality customer service. 

Additionally, at Continuum, we utilize a Computer Maintenance Management System to monitor progress and ensure a maximum one hour response time on all service requests.  We also follow an ongoing quality assurance audit process that includes quarterly supervisory inspections that are webbased with realtime results communicated to our team and clients. This comprehensive process focuses on safety, cleanliness and operational tasks that our Day Porters routinely perform to ensure the facility and grounds are clean and maintained to expectations. 

Call us today to learn more information on our Day Porters and how they can help keep your building clean and running smoothly during this unprecedented time.