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It’s Not Too Early to Start Thinking About Snow Removal

We know what you’re thinking, it’s September, the last thing anyone wants to be thinking about right now is snow removal.

But what happens when we get that unexpected early season snow storm and you have a parking lot full of snow?

Snow and ice removal can be big jobs that require advanced planning for potential harsh winters. Waiting until the first major snow fall to contract for snow removal can result in not finding the best plan or rate for your business.

Planning ahead of time for bad weather helps ensure your business continues as usual with very little disruption. Clients are more likely to visit if your front door, sidewalks and parking lot is maintained and snow-free.

Customized solutions

We hold our team to the highest of standards and are constantly conducting site quality assessments to make sure that all of our properties are exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Our clients come from different industries and thus have different needs when it comes to exterior services solutions. That’s why we create custom  plans for all of our clients, including:

When it comes to snow removal, we consider the time of your business hours, the number of walkways and the size of the parking areas to best create your custom plan. That way, you’re ready for that unexpected snow storm.

Call us today at 248-286-5200 to set up your customized snow removal plan!

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