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Continuum’s Plan for Reoccupying Buildings

Safety is Our Top Priority

At Continuum, keeping our clients and employees healthy and safe is our top priority. Check out our HVAC and Air Quality Safety Plan for Reoccupying Buildings.


  • Continued normal and regular preventative HVAC maintenance during the stay-at-home order.

Filters and Coils

  • Fan powered boxes, air handlers and rooftop unit filters were replaced with MERV 13 rated filters.
  • Coils and heat exchangers have been properly cleaned and sanitized.

Air in the Building

  • For a continuous 8 hours prior to reopening, the building will be purged using 100% outside air. This will utilize the maximum percentage of outdoor air intake possible to use during office hours.
  • The building will be purged with 100% outside air, per ASHRAE standards, for 2 hours before the building opens each day.

Potential Future Measures

  • We are researching options for future added measures such as UV light and BiPolar Ionization.

At Continuum, we continuously strive to maintain the highest standards in Safety, quality and timeliness, while remaining nimble enough to respond to each client’s unique needs. Give us a call to learn more 248-286-5200.