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Snow Removal Tips for Property & Facility Managers

Living in the Midwest we know the weather can be very unpredictable. Over the past years we have seen snow as early as November and stick around until late April. Whether you manage a multi-unit apartment complex or a commercial building facility property managers need to prepare for the snow season as well as inform their tenants during the snow season.


Before the snow falling season, make sure to check for any damages. These damages could have occurred from the previous season from natural causes or from the previous snow contractor’s equipment.  If it is the contractors fault , check your contract to see if they are liable for damages.


Turning the bulk of the work over to a professional snow removal service is the most convenient and proactive solution. Look for a local company that has good references and enough personnel and equipment to make timely visits to your property to get the job done.


Educate yourself before you sign the proposal. Make sure you read the company’s general terms and conditions. Be sure you are both on the same page on the snow removal parameters and what the proposal includes. Ask about salt storage. Small salt bins can be placed by the door of your facility by the snow-contractor. This allows you to put down additional salt as needed. Bulk salt bins can also be stored on site. The advantages of this are typically better service with salt being at the site and in some cases the contractor will offer a discount on their price.


It is suggested you inform your staff or tenants of the snow removal schedule. If you manage a building with secure lots make sure the security personal on shift knows when the snow removal company is coming and where to direct them to plow.

Also inform your snow removal company where you prefer to have the snow piles left. Ideally a standardized form should be given out to all clients for them to fill out and designate where they would like the snow piled.

Following these simple steps will make all the difference during the snow season and will help with a smoother process.