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Top 3 Benefits of Touchless Faucets   

The touchless, or automatic faucet, is becoming a more popular choice for business owners to install in the kitchens, breakrooms and restrooms. 

There are many benefits to touchless faucets, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemicHere are the top three reasons to install hands-free faucets in your facility.  

Germ Prevention  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve learned germ prevention is key. Touchless faucets help minimize the spread of germs in common areas.   

According to the Business Hygiene of Central Texas, Since you cannot wash your hands before turning on the sink, faucet handles harbor tons of bacteria, sometimes including coliform bacteria, e-coli and even staph. There are sometimes up to 229,000 germs per square inch on the handles of frequently used faucets.”  

Hands-free faucets are an important addition to keep employees, tenants and guests safe and healthy. 

Environmental Friendly  

Touchless faucets also conserve water and energy. According to Sustainability Info. “On average, a faucet can use anywhere between 4-8 liters per minute (1-3 gallons per minute).” Touchless faucets turn off automatically, which can conserve a significant amount of water.  Hands-free faucets can also be programmed to a specific temperature and water flow rate so water and energy isn’t wasted waiting for the temperature to warm up.  

Convenience and Cleanliness  

The best part of a touchless faucet is how easy it is to use. All you have to do is wave your hands in front of the sensor and the water flow will begin. When you’re done washing your hands, the water stops, it’s that simple. As an added benefit, if there are young children or seniors in your facility, touchless faucets are usually easier for them to use as well.  

Another bonus feature is a touchless faucet doesn’t get as visibly dirty as traditional faucets. Because touch is not required, you don’t have to worry about the germs and grime getting on the faucet.  

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