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5 Reasons Why Preventative Maintenance is Essential

We’ve all heard the phrase “If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it.” The problem with that theory is when it comes down to cost. If you wait until something brakes with your expensive piece of equipment, you’re going to spend significantly more money in the long run.

With preventative maintenance, your equipment undergoes routine checks to avoid more costly fixes in the future. This ensures your equipment is functioning efficiently and helps prevent unexpected downtime at a fraction of the cost.


Here are five reasons why preventative maintenance is essential:


1.Cost Savings

Unplanned downtime can result in not only repair costs, but also the loss of revenue.  Not to mention emergency repairs can double in cost, and having to buy brand new equipment is even more expensive. When you practice preventative maintenance, it will result in the need for fewer major repairs, proving to be a better investment in the long run.


2. Increased Safety

Safety is at the forefront of any business, making this the most important reason for preventative maintenance. Equipment failure can create workplace hazards, unsafe working conditions and can even lead to a situation where you or your employee could be seriously injured. Preventative maintenance improves the safety of equipment for employees.


3. Prolong Equipment Life

Preventative maintenance helps increase the life of your equipment. As you know, most industrial and commercial equipment isn’t cheap. The better you care for your equipment the longer it will last. Routinely repairing minor issues before they result in equipment failure will save you time and money.


4. Equipment Efficiency

The lack of routine maintenance can cause your equipment to slow down over time – resulting lost revenue, loss of productivity or the inability of serve your customers/clients. After constant use, equipment will begin to deteriorate. The deterioration process may go unnoticed at first, but there will come a point when you notice a significant change – and often, it too late.  Preventative maintenance can prevent or slow down equipment deterioration.


5. Reliability

Preventive maintenance can influence reliability, and reliability helps build credibility. Unreliable equipment can result in delays or errors, which doesn’t look great to a client. Having routine maintenance completed on equipment lets clients know they can count on your company for on time service and product delivery.


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