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Returning to a Safe Workplace

Continuum Services has partnered with HOH Water Technology, a leader in water safety, to conduct safety checks for businesses and buildings as they prepare to re-open. This important service includes testing for waterborne pathogens, as well as testing overall water conditions to mitigate bacteria growth. Already, Continuum and HOH has been able to issue guidance and a clean bill of health to a number of area facilities. Check out the top reasons to get your building’s water system inspected today.


Reduced Water Flow

Due to COVID-19 safety measures, many commercial buildings have been shuttered or running on low load status for the last several weeks. Reduced water flow places facilities at heightened risk for waterborne pathogens such as Legionella.

These pathogens can attack the respiratory system, weaken immunity, and pose serious health risks.

Water System

Stagnant water in domestic hot and cold water systems is usually the culprit for bacterial growth. If operators simply resume flow upon re-entry, they can spread the bacteria throughout the building and infect the returning occupants.

Safe Water Certificate

Our water safety experts can provide you the guidance and diagnostic testing you need to give your building a clean bill of health before you reopen. When safety parameters are met, we’ll issue you a Safe Water Certificate for your records.


Call us today at 248-286-5200 for more information on returning back to work safely.