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Spring Irrigation Start-Up

The winter weather can be harsh on your facility’s irrigation system. It’s important to hire a professional for a spring start-up to ensure your system is working in the way it should.  A common misconception is that turning on an irrigation system turn is simply turning the valve, but this can lead to water hammer (occurs when water stops or changes directions suddenly), water flowing into an empty pipe caused by air pressure, fitting bursts and it even cause your system to fail.

Early spring is the perfect time to have your system prepared for the season. Spring start-up services allows for repairs to be scheduled and fixed to avoid stressed or damaged turf later in the growing season.

The start-up process involves:

  • Checking the spray pattern of all sprinkler heads to be sure there’s complete coverage with no runoff.
  • Checking for leaks or geysers in the landscape.
  • Making sure the irrigation system is behaving as expected.
  • Checking back in a few days to look for soggy areas or other indications of a below ground leak.

Here are some common repairs:


Sprinkler Heads

Winter may lead to damaged or broken sprinkler heads. This is an easy and inexpensive fix for a professional to repair.


Valve Leaks

If your valve begins to leak, it’s likely you need a new one. Since valves connect to both electricity and water, this is definitely a task for a licensed landscape contractor.


Broken pipe

While it’s tough to break a high-quality PVC pipe, it’s still possible. Because fixing a broken pipe usually requires a lot of digging as well as special tools this repair can vary in repair time.


At Continuum Services, we specialize in a variety of irrigation services that include system maintenance, repair, installation and sprinkler system re-routes. Contact us at 248.286.5200 and schedule your irrigation spring maintenance start-up.