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Daniel Johnston of Continuum Services Wins BOMA Building Engineer of the Year

We are proud to announce Continuum Services has received the BOMA Engineer of the Year award three times in the last four years. This year, we congratulate Dan Johnston for receiving Building Engineer of the Year.

According to BOMA, “The Leadership Awards recognize our members and member firms who have gone above and beyond in their professional endeavors. They play a vital role in the success of the association and positively impact the local commercial real estate industry. The leadership recipients have been recognized and reviewed by a panel of their peers based on their contribution to BOMA through their participation, industry accomplishments and community outreach. “

Dan has been in the industry for 15 years and is the lead engineer overseeing a team of five engineers and two maintenance technicians. Prior to Dan’s career in engineering, he served in the U.S. Army as a squad leader and staff Sargent for 10 years.

The building where Dan works is a 45-story Class A office building totaling 1.6 million square feet with approximately 4,000 tenants. In addition to property, Dan and his team are responsible for maintenance in two Detroit garages, which house 3,100 parking spots.

From 2004 to 2016 Dan worked as a First Class Engineer for Hines in various buildings, including One Detroit Center, Renaissance Center and Campus Martius, as well as serving as the Lead engineer at the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters.

“There was a water incident in our building when a drinking fountain coil ruptured. I called Dan at 1 a.m. to alert him of the situation and he was on-site within 30 minutes. As he was trying to get up to the 22 floor to isolate the leak, he was entrapped in the service elevator (it was hit by water). While entrapped (for around 45 minutes, until DFD broke him loose), Dan was able to talk another roaming engineer that was not very familiar with the building, to find the shut off and isolate the leak,” explained Tom Bartkowiak, engineering and facilities manager at Continuum.

Dan exhibits leadership in any situation. His mentoring provides growth opportunities for the engineering team.Dan has helped apprentice engineers progress in their career to engineers, and engineers to first class engineers.

In addition to being such a great leader, he is easy to get along with and works well with the property management team (and any other employee); there is never a time that you feel he’s not a part of the building or his coworkers. We feel very comfortable going to him for any question.

Great work Dan!