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3 Ways to Protect You Shrubs This Winter

If last winter’s extreme cold weather put your landscaping through the ringer, you’re not alone. This year’s winter is predicted to have similar conditions.

Winter poses many challenges for shrubs such as early cold spells, alternating freeze/thaw cycles, frozen soil and the bright winter sun.

As fall is winding down and winter is quickly approaching, it’s time to prepare your shrubs against winter damage.

Here are three ways to protect your shrubs this winter:


Properly Water Your Shrubs in Fall

Throughout early fall, water sparingly. In late fall, after trees have lost all of their leaves, give shrubs a generous watering. Watering plants sparingly in early fall prepares the plant to transition from growing season to dormant season.  Although it may be cold outside, be mindful of your plants and water them during dry, windy periods when the sunlight is bright. This will also help protect your shrub against salt.


Cover Your Shrubs

To protect your shrubs from snow, ice and salt, cover them with a burlap wrap or shrub shelter. To provide the best protection, use a frame to avoid touching the shrub with the burlap. If the burlap becomes wet and freezes, while directly touching your shrub, it can cause damage. We recommend extending the burlap all the way to the ground to retain as much heat as possible.


Winter Mulching

Winter mulching helps to keep the ground around your plants frozen, which helps the plants to remain dormant. Mulch also helps protect the ground from the warmth of the sun and helps the soil to retain water. Shredded mulch, straw or shredded leaves are all options to use and are easy to remove.


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