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3 Reasons to Stop Raking Your Leaves

Fall is finally here. It’s time to go picking apples, tailgating at football games, carving pumpkins and raking leaves.

In the Midwest, we all know the time and effort it takes to rake leaves, bag them and haul them to the curb.

Research suggests we ditch the rake and go over our leaves with a lawnmower instead.


Here are 3 reasons to stop raking your leaves:



We’ve all been in the situation before – you notice your leaves start to fall on Monday and by Saturday your lawn is covered. You then spend hours raking and bagging.  Mulching your leaves with a lawnmower is much faster (and easier!) than raking.


Turf Quality

Michigan State University studies have shown mulching can reduce dandelions by 100%. It can also reduce the production of other weeds and adds nutrients to your lawn.  Mulching allows leaves to decompose into the ground, which helps feed your soil. Doing this enables grass to utilize the trace minerals that leaves are packed with. It also feeds earthworms and other insects, as well as insulates your plants. The end result is healthier and better looking turf.


Environmentally Friendly

Mulching lowers your carbon footprint by reducing the fuel and air emissions that comes from hauling the leaves to composting facilities. Mulching your leaves also helps to reduce the clogging up of sewers and algae blooms.


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