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Don’t Forget To Schedule Your Backflow Preventer Maintenance

If you are a property manager or oversee the maintenance of a facility, chances are your property already has a backflow prevention device installed.  Sometimes known as a cross-connection control device, a backflow preventer is a safety device that protects your domestic water system from contamination and pollution. If the pressure falls due to a broken pipe or other issues, potentially harmful contaminants could be sucked into the clean drinking water supply, which could cause major issues; therefore, the device should be inspected on an annual basis. Your backflow contains test cocks and shut-off valves designed specifically for the purpose of regular maintenance.

Only companies and technicians certified in backflow prevention and repair should be working on your backflow preventer.

If you need a backflow preventer tested, repaired, replaced or a quote on a new installation, Continuum Services can help. Continuum’s plumbers are fully certified to test and repair backflow preventers and are glad to answer any questions about backflow prevention and certification. Feel free to contact us at 248.286.5200 or info@continuumservices.com.