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August 25, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Invest in Energy Efficient LED Lighting

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Maybe you’ve heard that LED lighting is the wave (pun intended) of the future. You may have also heard that LED lighting is expensive.  While upfront costs may be higher than what you’re using now, in the long run, LEDs come out ahead in several areas.

Here we’ll provide five solid reasons your facility should invest in LED lighting. Hopefully they will help you determine if making the switch is truly the best thing for your facility as well as gain management approval when approaching them about funding the upgrade.

  1. Greatly reduce your utility bill

Believe it or not, LEDs are the most efficient lighting source on the market. While other technologies like HPS and Metal Halide haven’t greatly improved in years, LEDs have improved tremendously in their efficiency.

If your utility bill has become a problem due to steadily increasing utility costs, this could be the only reason you need to make the switch.

  1. Save on maintenance costs

Is your facility struggling with high maintenance costs due to the frequent need to fix, replace, and maintain old lighting technology?

While technology like HPS and Metal Halide can last around 15,000 hours, LED technology can last 50,000+ hours. LEDs still require maintenance, but not nearly as much as older lighting technologies. On top of that, the lumen depreciation is much slower with LEDs compared to any other light technology. This can be another major cost saver when it comes to your initial lighting plan.

  1. You’re a green company

If your company promotes all of their green efforts and you aren’t using LED fixtures in your facility, you aren’t upholding your statements to the public.

Switching to LED lighting can greatly reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy usage. On top of that, LEDs aren’t made with toxic gases like fluorescents are. Stand by your word and keep your “green company credibility” by making the switch!

  1. Your fixtures are broken, ugly or outdated

Be honest with yourself, do your fixtures reflect the work environment you desire? If you have lighting fixtures that are broken, look 100 years old, have mismatched bulbs, or are just plain outdated it might be a good idea to replace them entirely.

While you could retrofit your lights in many instances, sometimes a full replacement is a must, for example, when the shell of the fixture is broken as well as the light itself. In this situation, the retrofitting vs replacing debate takes a favor on the replacing entirely side.

  1. Improve your work conditions

Ask your HR department if they get complaints about your lights. Flickering and buzzing lights can increase stress, decrease focus and produce poor working conditions for employees.

LEDs, believe it or not, will never buzz nor flicker – even at the end of their life. Other technologies can start flickering and / or buzzing before they are even close to burning out.


Hopefully these 5 main reasons you should invest in LED lighting for your facility has given you good guidance, information and tips for you to go ahead and start pushing for a switch.

Have any other reasons people should invest in LED fixtures? Share them with us in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!