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April 15, 2015

Elevator Maintenance Contracts: What Works Best For Your Facility


Every day people depend on the safe and reliable operations of the building’s vertical transportation system. Knowing the different types of elevator maintenance contract options that meet the facility’s requirements can greatly increase the chances of saving money. There are four commonly used types of maintenance contracts which offer a range of coverage.

  1. Full Maintenance: Total responsibility for the elevator equipment falls in the hands of the elevator service provider. This contract acts like an insurance policy and allows the property manager, facilities manager or building engineer to budget total yearly costs. While many property managers and owners believe they have full maintenance contracts, it is best to review your contract and check for exclusions.
  2. Oil and Grease or Examination & Lubrication: This contract is only reasonable if you have a knowledgeable in-house mechanic to handle regular inspections. The contract price is relatively low, however, it is more difficult to budget when repairs occur. The only materials included in this type of contract are lubricants and cleaning materials.
  3. Parts, Oil and Grease: This contract is similar to Oil and Grease, with the addition of replacing specified parts. This contract may be a desirable solution for buildings with large space holdings, extensive elevator systems, financial resources or a skilled in-house staff of elevator mechanics. It is important the property manager understands and is willing to assume the burden of coordination between what is covered in the contract and what is done by in-house staff.
  4. Survey and Report: Coverage under this contract consists of quarterly, semi-annual or annual inspections of all major components. It’s important to note this inspection does not include dismantling equipment or any maintenance or repair work.

Overall, refer to your facility’s budget and consult your facility’s maintenance or elevator engineer to confirm the type of contract that suits you and your facility best.  If you have any questions regarding elevator contracts feel free to contact Continuum Services at 248.286.5200 or info@continuumservices.com.