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Did you know?

Continuum Services typically saves 10% or more on operational costs while reducing building demands and consumption, thus increasing energy efficiency.

By evaluating your facility and its systems, CONTINUUM Facility Operations staff identify and improve areas in order to streamline processes and improve system efficiency.  For each facility that CONTINUUM services, the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® partnership program is utilized in order to measure current energy performance and benchmark it against its peers nationwide. This program helps in setting goals, tracking savings, and rewarding improvements. This strategic approach to energy performance improves each facility, is continually monitored and provides an energy performance rating by the EPA.  Several buildings which are serviced by CONTINUUM have been awarded the ENERGY STAR award for superior energy performance.

By using infrared scanning and thermographic technology, Continuum Services can locate and repair electrical and mechanical defects before they cause unscheduled power losses, equipment damage, or even catastrophic equipment failures.

Electrical and mechanical connections do not fail instantly. Over time, most systems emit heat before the actual failure takes place. Infrared scanning produces images of invisible infrared radiation, detecting surface heat variations which are not visible to the human eye. By using non-invasive thermographic technology and microprocessor controls which provide immediate on-site analysis and image recording, CONTINUUM Technicians are able to locate these “hot spots” before a problem occurs.  A problem or defect is identified and repaired, saving the customer money on costly emergency repairs and reducing building downtime, all while increasing system efficiency. Furthermore, insurance companies are beginning to require infrared scanning as a condition for coverage.

At Continuum Services, snow removal isn’t simply the task of pushing snow and spreading with all our year-round exterior services, it’s a matter of evaluation and providing what is appropriate for the job and best for the customer.

When a CONTINUUM representative initially arrives on-site, a site plan survey is taken of the property. Using historical weather pattern data, CAD drawings and official predictive sources, CONTINUUM can statistically calculate the amount and spread rate of salt required for each snowfall and de-icing. This way we optimize both performance and cost-efficiency. Parking garage de-icing begins with core samples of the garage surface to evaluate existing conditions and establish a benchmark for deterioration, ensuring maximum protection and longevity of the structure. In addition, CONTINUUM uses state-of-the-art technology in liquid deicers to optimize performance, cost-effectiveness, and your assets’ return on investment.

When it comes to your indoor air quality (IAQ), Continuum Services combines science and technology to solve your IAQ issues, reduce risk, and save you money.

It is becoming more common for juries to side with plaintiffs in IAQ lawsuits, and 50% of all cases of poor IAQ result from badly designed or fitted HVAC systems that breed microorganisms. Traditional solutions include biocide tablets, replacement of HVAC components, and even replacement of the entire HVAC unit. Using the AQUIS solution, CONTINUUM focuses on correcting the condensate drain pan, resulting in a more efficient, rust-free, anti-microbial environment, free of standing water – a maintenance-free solution for the building owner.  The safety of the building occupants is greatly improved, while the efficiency and life of the HVAC unit is increased – all at a fraction of the cost of conventional fixes, with minimal interruption in building operations.

CMMS System
Continuum Services uses RediWorks and Field Connect to provide everything needed for submitting maintenance requests, generating and tracking work orders, parts inventory, purchase orders and much more.  You will save time and money while providing better maintenance response time.  Because our computerized maintenance management software is so easy to use, your staff, tenants and customers not only embrace it, but they will love using it.

RediWorks and Field Connect are web-based software programs that allow you to track your work request from start to finish with real time updates available with the click of a mouse. Current requests, as well as historical data, are stored on a secured server so that you can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  CONTINUUM responds and processes over 1200 work requests per month.  To date, our customer satisfaction is consistently above 90%. Ask us for more information regarding how and when we can implement the use of the RediWorks or Field Connect system to save your organization time and money.