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The Guardian Building – Engineering Facilities

The Guardian Building is home to the offices of 400 Monroe Associates and Wayne County. They needed a professional facilities provider with experience working with union labor, and that’s were Continuum Services came in. We were able to negotiate a favorable  contract with the Local 324 Operating Engineers, and helped organize the work staff. We provided engineering services, management support and supplemental engineers when necessary. In the end, we were able to organize labor, increase performance, improve customer satisfaction and take a proactive and preventative maintenance approach to a historic building in downtown Detroit.


One Kennedy Square – Landscaping Solutions

One Kennedy Square contacted us to devise an economical solution to the high cost of their annual plants. Our landscape specialists worked on a design that met the needs of the client – which included a raised planter box around their sign. The new plan incorporated over 400 mixed perennials, which resulted in a reduced amount of seasonal annuals. The result was an outstanding mix of colors and textures that pleased our client.


211 Fort St. – Landscape Installation

Our clients at  211 Fort St. wanted a new design for the main entrance to the Comerica Building in downtown Detroit.  Our landscape specialists designed a cluster of raised landscape beds for the main entrance, which included 38 individual planter boxes. Due to budgetary constraints, half of the beds were landscaped in 2017, and the remainder will be completed in 2018. Our client was so satisfied with the results of the first batch, they are working with us to plan renovations for their other locations in 2018.


Beaumont Hospital, Trenton – Landscape Installation

Our client at Beaumont Hospital in Trenton, Michigan, wanted to create an outdoor area where employees could socialize and dine outdoors.  We created a design for a 1,800 square foot brick paver patio, with plants, in their courtyard. The design also included a mix of trees, shrub, and perennials that were planted around the patio.

The client and their employees were extremely satisfied with the results.


Blue Cross Network – Landscape Upgrades

Through our parent company, REDICO Management, we worked with Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) to upgrade their landscaping and patio area. This renovation also included  new patio furniture for tenants and employees. We created a design, implemented the construction and chose the patio furniture. We also provided the landscaping, which included a ¼ mile walking path. The renovation improved workplace experiences and promoted healthy living. We also worked with BCBS to complete a remodel of the main entrance flowerbed to incorporate additional colors and textures.


CW Bearing, Northville – HVAC & Landscape Installations

In the fall of 2016, CW Bearing partnered with Continuum Services to solve their HVAC and landscaping needs. The client needed a total of fifteen (15) roof top HVAC units installed as well as a complete HVAC system with temperature and humidity control. The landscape construction was a challenge because of the time of year. Our team had to source over 300 trees and more than 500 shrubs and perennials for the project. However, we were able to deliver the project on schedule. Our client was extremely satisfied, and we are scheduled for additional work in 2017 and 2018.


Sky Zone – HVAC Redesign

We partnered with Pumford Construction to redesign the HVAC system for a Sky Zone facility in Michigan. Because the space was originally used as a retail store, the existing HVAC did not provide the necessary functions for a facility housing trampolines, dodgeball and basketball courts. We ensured the system was designed with maximum amount of clearance and occupancy.


Himelhoch Apartments – Boiler Replacement

We worked with the Fourmidable Group’s Himelhoch Apartments to improve their heating efficiency and reliability. This project included designing and installing a new high-efficiency heating plant with new boilers, pumps and piping. The result was lower utility bills, reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability and comfort for residents and employees.


Truven – HVAC Replacement

Our client, PCI Once Source, asked us to remove and replace the HVAC System for their Truven facility. We redesigned the existing HVAC systems, which included replacing three roof top units (RTUs) with the use of a helicopter, and the refurbishment of existing ceiling hung air handling units. We also installed six, three-ton Ductless Split Systems in their Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) rooms, as well as two Liebert Systems including condensate piping, interconnecting refrigerant piping, and floor frames.


United Jewish Federation – HVAC Equipment Inspection Survey

We worked with the United Jewish Federation (UJF) & Newmark Grubb Frank Knight to take inventory of their HVAC equipment. We also created a conditions report to help them understand the condition of their assets. We inventoried, documented and reported on the condition of each unit, including estimating the life expectancy and budgeting of the replacement costs.


Landmark Healthcare Reality – Facility Maintenance & Engineering Services

Landmark Healthcare Reality contracted with Continuum Services for local facility maintenance, as well as building engineer services in a market where they did not currently have a presence. We provided professional building engineers and maintenance resources, which  helped our client, preserved their assets, created a proactive preventative maintenance plan and improved the patient and tenant experience.


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